Smokeeze Cigarette Filters remove up to 90% of tar and nicotine from each cigarette you smoke. So if you have wanted to quit or even tried to quit smoking, but just couldn’t quite do it, then Smokeeze can help remove the tar and nicotine from your cigarettes.Smokeeze takes out most of the lung clogging tar and addictive nicotine, but without changing cigarette taste.

One Smokeeze cigarette filter is good for 4-5 cigarettes.

Each box contains 30 filters, enough to filter up to 7 or more packs of cigarettes.

Smokeeze cigarette filters are sized to fit regular cigarettes only. Not for use with “slim” cigarettes.

Get your smoking habit under control. Filter out much of the bad stuff before it reaches your lungs! Order Smokeeze now!

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