By now, you know that the electronic cigarette acts, looks, and feels like a real cigarette, but how exactly does it work?

Supported by microelectronic technology, the e-cigarette is composed of about three parts:



The atomizer, or atomization chamber, is responsible for heating up the liquid nicotine solution, which then turns it into the vapor that you inhale.



Gamucci_Micro_Battery.JPGThe e cigarette battery makes it all happen and powers up the device! Each battery can be recharged with a wall, car, or USB charger multiple times, and each charge will allow you quite a few puffs!


Refill_Cartridge.JPGThe refill cartridges contain the liquid solution, otherwise known as e-liquid. A refill cartridge can simply be replaced with another one, or an empty one can be filled with just a few drops of e-liquid. The solution comes in high, regular, low and no nicotine strengths and a variety of flavors.


The result? An experience that impersonates the smoking experience but with smokeless cigarettes, avoiding obvious pitfalls of using real tobacco cigarettes.


Getting It To Work

When you first receive your e cigarette starter kit or disposable e cigarette, you will have all of the parts listed above while keeping in mind the variations in color and size.

Prepare the e cigarette according to the instructions, i.e. charging the battery before first use.

Once you have charged up the battery, screw it into the atomizer.

Take a refill cartridge and while holding it upright so that the rubber-like lid is on top and closest to you, carefully pry off the top and insert the battery with atomizer into the cartridge, being careful not to tilt the cartridge so as not to let the liquid contents spill out.

You’re ready to go. Draw on the end of the e cigarette and experience the e cigarette vaping adventure!


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