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“Hey, thanks so much. I have to admit, your customer service is amazing. I don’t know if you realize how much that means to everyday consumers. I would and have recommended you guys highly. Besides the cust. service the product is fantastic. My smoking in less than 2 weeks is down to about one fourth what I usually smoke. I am planning to put a piece in several of the blogs and product reviews that I bookmarked when I started searching for the one to try. I’m glad I did. You have a well deserved reputation. Keep up the good work and like they used to say in the Navy “smoke em if ya got em”.”

– Pleasantly Surprised,
Paul C. from Baton Rouge, LA


“My husband and I have smoked for many years, him 40 years, me 30 years and we both tried to quit several times. We tried the e-cigs and did have a couple of problems that have since been corrected due to the great customer service that is provided by this web-site. Smoking Everywhere Gold is wonderful and would recommend it. We trust ordering from this web-site as they ship promptly and are very trustworthy. We will never purchase the real cigs again as this is an amazing product and would recommend it to all of you who are considering quiting. This is the web-site to fulfill this dream. You can do it and they will make it possible.”

– Wendy M. from Germantown, WI

I really appreciate the e-cigarettes web site and have enjoyed doing business with you guys. I too am a success story as I have not bought any regular cigarettes since Thanksgiving. This is really something for me as I have smoked for 46 years and could never see myself NOT smoking. But as soon as I saw your site on the internet I just knew if anything would work, as far as quitting smoking, these ecigarettes would. This is why I not only am sending my sister a starter kit but I just ordered a kit for my daughter as well. I am also telling everyone, including my doctor, about these ecigarettes and your site. I will also tell them about the great customer service on your site.”

– Rita M. from Lorena, TX

I started smoking in 1960, some 50 (yes, that’s right, fifty!) years ago and, in the last few years, have begun to feel some of the effects of it. As a result, I cut back from one or two packs a day, and more if I was stressed (and I had a LOT of stressful days), to four or five (individual cigarettes, that is) per day. Did I miss the rest? Every one of them! (And those last two sentences have been cleaned up a little bit to keep this “G” rated; feel free to add an expletive or two if you care to). I heard about e-cigs recently and, after studying – via the Internet – what was available, ordered the Firelight starter kit from E-Cigarettes National, thinking it might be interesting an experiment.

It has been, indeed! A few things were different, among them knowing when to put one down, since a “regular” cigarette is self-limiting, burning out after a few minutes. E-cigs don’t and, sometimes, I found myself enjoying the experience so much that occasionally I was continuing to enjoy it for an hour or more at a time or until the cartridge ran out. They are also heavier than “regular” cigarettes so I don’t tend to dangle them very much, preferring to sit down and enjoy them while doing nothing else, but that was a habit I had already gotten into when I cut my daily consumption of “regular” cigarettes down to only a few.

In addition, the vapor was amazing! It had the feel, density, taste, and appearance of actual tobacco smoke even though, I understand, it is merely water vapor. My wife, who knew that I smoked when I married her but had, nonetheless, recently starting waving her hands in the air and fussing every time I lit up, couldn’t smell the vapor even when I used the e-cig sitting right next to her. In fact, she’s glad I got on the e-cig bandwagon.

So how would I sum it all up? I find I’m smoking more now and enjoying it more while feeling it less. I have virtually abandoned “regular” cigarettes except for about one per day while engaging in one particular activity (from force of habit). As of now, I have placed a total of four orders with E-Cigarettes National, the last three for various accessories and additional e-liquid (the substance that vaporizes), and saved a roughly equivalent sum by not buying two cartons of “regular” cigarettes. Every time I have had a question or concern, May, who appears to be a one-woman Customer Relations/Technical Support Department had been both prompt with all of her replies and extremely helpful, even on Sunday evenings (don’t these people ever NOT work?!?).

I would recommend Firelight e-cigs from E-Cigs National to any smoker, whether he or she is interested in quitting or continuing to smoke. In terms of price, satisfaction, and service, they simply can’t be beat. I couldn’t possibly be happier that I decided to give them a try and wish I had done so much earlier.

– Dawson M. from Norfolk, VA

“I started using e cigs 5 weeks ago. I put down my real cigarettes and have never looked back. Smoking for me has been a habit of 42 years. Like most people I started as a teen. I have chronic bronchitis but that didn’t stop me until i heard about e cigs. My breathing and cough were so bad my family constantly begged me to quit smoking.Now that I have started using e cigs, I no longer cough, I breath alot better, my taste and smell have returned.I find I sleep better and no longer smell like smoke. Cigarettes were killing me. I feel like the e cigs were one of the best decisions of my life.I hope our government will take note of me and others like me. My brand of choice is E Cigarettes National. It has been a good product and the customer support is out standing. Vapeing takes some getting used but May has been very patient in explaining things to me. I had a few issues at the beginning but she resoved them promptly. I would use this brand for the customer support alone. If you are thinking of quitting smokeing and vapeing instead i highly recommend it and E Cigarettes National. Thank you May!!!!”

– Sherry Z. from Belleville, MI

“After smoking for 40 years, you can imagine the toll it has taken on me. When I heard about E Cigarettes I investigated, and I am as happy as can be that I did. I am pushing two months on the E cig. and I already have noticed I can do more, and with more air in my lungs to do it with. I also can smell many things that I have not been able to for years.

“I was and at times still am confused about what product I have and what to order. I have to say that I probably would have given up had it not been for May. She has just been wonderful, as well as being patient with me. I cannot thank her enough for all of her help. Five stars for May, without a doubt, the best of the best. She has gone above and beyond to make sure my needs were fulfilled with 100% satisfaction. This company needs 10 of her. Thanks May.”

– Bud L. from Godfrey, IL

“I want to thank you all at E Cigarettes National especially Debbie and May, for your extraordinary customer service. I was missing part of my order, I created a ticket and was emailed it shipped within 1 business day.

“I recommended your company to all my smoker buddies who are also interested in the e cigarette. I now work in a completely non smoking environment and my e cigarette is a god send.

“Thank you!”

– Cathy R. from Lantana, FL


“I NEVER write testimonials. Wrong! I do now. I easily do 90 percent of my shopping via the internet. This company has the best customer service of any and all. I am so impressed by the staff I have had the pleasure of doing business with. Thank you a hundred times over. You are the BEST!”

– Dawn W. from St. Charles, MN

“This is a “Miracle”…I have been a smoker since 1957 and have never been able to quit using patches, medications and anything they said would help me to quit, because I would always DESIRE the nicotine, hand-to-mouth habit and could never quit..UNTIL now..I bought the E-Cig NO.7. Ordered it on Monday, received it on Thursday and have now been totally smoke free since the 22nd of October.

“I am OVERJOYED…as I have NOT wanted a cigarette and that is even with my friends smoking around me. In fact, the smell of them smoking (even outdoors), the smell is HORRIBLE…this has worked for me. I took this to my doctor’s apptointment last week and the doctor told me he was going to do some research and probably recommend this to his hardcore smokers to help them quit as he knew my history…. Good Luck on your mission to quit.

“If I can quit using the E-Cig, ANYONE can. I even started with an attitude if it does, Great; if it does not, what have I lost?…So I did not go in with high expectations or the feeling this would satisfy my needs of a cigarette, but it DID…How happy am I…WOW, words cannot explain how good I feel, I can smell again and my taste buds are great, and no have not gained weight yet…Hope you will do the same and have the same results…”

-Donna T. from Ridgeville, SC

“I smoked for 30 yrs and tried every thing, I had given up hope until I tried the e-cig. It’s been 16 days that I have been smokeless and just vaping my e-cig. And I don’t crave regular cigs any more. This is a miracle to me. Thanks to the electonic cigarette that I vape on every day.”

– Teresa S.

“I’ve tried out quite a few “name” brands before but they just didn’t cut it. As a former chain smoker of 32 years, I knew I needed something that was going to taste and feel like the real thing. I almost gave up, accepting my fate that I will forever remain a smoker and that it will only be a matter of time before I succumb to illness. Until I tried out a Gamucci disposable. Boy oh boy, this was just like the real thing. It was satisfying and left no room for any cravings. I ordered the Gamucci Classic immediately and was not disappointed. Same excellent quality and same satisfaction. Thank you for giving me hope in a battle I was losing! I have stayed smoke-free for 78 days and counting!”

– Robert V. from Minneapolis, MN

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