Alright E-Cig Nation this is an exciting day today.

This is the day where i’’m going to give you a brief overview of what we think are the best in class ecig mods were for 2016. There are about a half dozen, and we are going to take a look at these one by one

Alright guys i tried to get the full spectrum here. I’ve got mods that range all the way from 12.5watts that is mostly intended for people who are just getting into vaping, and want to hit a vape in the same way that they hit a cigarette. All the way up to 200w.

I’m hoping that if you’re looking to get into vaping, or are just trying to upgrade your existing setup we have something here for everybody today

I am going to go into the pros and cons of why i think each one of these are the best in it’s class, and also go a little bit into the specs. If you want aditional, more in-depth reviews of any of these rigs, We also have reviews of the individual brands via link below.

I’m not saying that these are the only good mods on the market right now, but certainly there are tons of awesome produts out there. But these are certainly great mods, and they are all ones that i’ve fallen in love with over the past few months for one reason or another.

Let’s start with our #7 pick, it is our beginner mod, and the one that’s best for people who want to smoke it like a cigarette.

Tesla T22:


So this is a 2000mA battery.  That 2000mA battery might last someone who’s just puffing ocassionally an entire day, but for a more heavy user it will probably only last you for half the day. That’s really the only downside.

One of the advantages is that it is an ALL-IN-ONE unit, it’s the simplest of all the models we are going to look at. There’s no adjustable air flow, no adjustable wattage, you basically have just one button that is going to fire it at the optimum peak wattage for the tank so it’s a no-thought-mod setup where you can just vape and go.

One of the biggest differences between this model and the other models is that you can do mouth-to-lung hits off of it. Which is where you draw the vapor into your mouth and then inhale into your lungs in the same way as you would a cigarette. Which is good for somebody who likes to smoke that way, and good for somebody who wants to vape the same way as they smoke, it may be a disadvantage for people who want to do the full lung hits, so keep that in mind.

Every one of these mods isn’t going to be right for everybody, you have to understand that you need to find something that fits your vaping style and what you are trying to get. It’s not bad, you’re going to get about as much vapor as you would out of one puff of a cigarette, but you aren’t going to be filling a room with clouds of vapor like you’re going to get with some of these higher watt mods. But still a very nice fape. One thing that I will say for this model is that the flavor is really good, I think you get great flavor when you do mouth to lung hits.

Alright, that is the Tesla T22: Check Price Here

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The manufacteror of the T22 typically dominates the lower end of the spectrum, they realy do focus on beginning vapors, The next mod is by the same company and it’s called the:

Coolfire IV:

This is the original Coolfire IV it’s based at 40W, very nice shiny metallic mod with a matte finish that won’t show fingerprints. It has an I-SUB tank

This one is going to offer you a 6-40W vaping range, and it also has a 2000mA battery, which is something to keep in mind considering if you’re vaping all day long, you might want to have two of them.  This is a .5 resistance coil in the ISUB tank. THey vape very well together, the isub tank works perfectly in that 40w range that you get in the Coolfire IV. Because of the higher wattage, you are going to get a little bit more vapor on this one.

It also has great flavor, but you still aren’t going to fill up an entire room if that’s your goal, but there is considerably more vapor than you get on the T22.

The next on the list is the Target 75w,

it’s probably my personal favorite of all the mods out there, mainly because the flavor is so good. This guy comes from a company called vipresso. They came out really strong last year, and made a huge splash in the vaping industry. I’ve got to say I’ve loved everything that they’ve come out with so far. This is the original 75 W Target. This one you are going to need an 18650 for. You can charge the battery from right inside the device there is a USB port that comes with it as well. This is an extremely nice mid ranged kit for the money. It’s going to allow you up to 75w.

This is going to give you 5-75W, it also give’s you temperature control, but i would almost say that this one is mostly about the coils in the tank, if you’re looking incredible flavor with still a good vapor production, the Target 75W is definitely the way to go.

Next up is our first 100W vape.

Tesla Nano 100W:

They come in a variety of colors, mainly blue, black, red, and silver. Standard colors. This one is going to handle enough wattage and enough battery power for even the most experienced vaper. It goes from 7-100W and has a built in 4500mW battery that will let you puff on it all day long. All day vaping right there. But it’s a pretty good mid range size. It’s a box mod, built in battery, it’s good with pretty much all of the greatest tanks out there, there aren’t much that you have to go above 100W for. NOW we are starting to be able to fill a room! This is for 2 reasons. 1.) The increased wattage automatically increases the amount of vapor produced, and 2.) it’s a Full-lung hitter, unlike the T22 if you remember.

The 150W Range.

2 Mods, Which to choose… :/

  1. Cuboid 150W
  2. X Cube 2 160W

These aren’t actually as close as they seem, because you can upgrade the X Cube. For example, I’ve upgraded my X Cube to operate at 180W solid.

If I had to pick of the two, I think I would actually choose the Cuboid. It has quite a unique design with the led screen right on the front. Cuboid also takes 2 18650 batteries you put them in at the bottom. One thing that is unique about the screen is it actually shows the levels of both batteries, Everything is flush to the device, including the up and down buttons on the front.they are subtley designed into the unit so they don’t stand out, and the fire button is right on the side.

With this guy, you’re talking about a mod that is going to have the wattage and the resistance range and vape with any of the big cloud tanks on the market right now. I’m using a TF-V4 which is known for being just a “cloud-chucker” With this combo, it’s EASY to fill a room if that’s your goal!

Again, If you’re just getting into vaping, this is probably overkill.

Moving up from something under 100W this cubioid is a nice unit

Next on our list is the The X Cube 2 on the other hand can not only go up to 180 watts with the upgrade, it also has a this cool little psychedelic lighting feature on the side. The lighting can be changed from the entire spectrum pretty much, it can go purple, pink it is also a 1818650 battery box mod you have your batteries right under a magnetic panel, they do make a mini 75w version of this if you like the design but you just feel like it’s too much watts for what you need.purple, piink green , yellow, blue, anything.

If you’re looking a cloud machine, then thes X cube 2 combined with the TFD4 tank is probably one of the most potent combos you can build


Novices need not apply when it comes to this setup, it’s an expert only model. Don’t overdo it.

That said it takes us to the last mod of this post

The 200w Terra-mod – also by vaprresso

This has a similar design to the X cube 2

With a side panel that holds the batteries in

The full 200W range on this guy –

This is a great looking mod, as well as a high quality mod. It’s all a zinc and aluminum alloys with carbon fiber panels on the sides. At 200w full vaping range, it’s also tempurature control. Just like all of the mods that arent beginners. But  as far as for Temperature control – dont worry about it.

I’m not trying to say that thesea re the only great mods out there, therre is too much stuff out there on the market for any one person to look at all of it.

So i just wanted to consolodate everything into one post to give a generalzied spectrum range, therea are plenty of other mods in these vaping ranges that are all really really good.

If i were to pick one of these mods right now, i would probably pick the terro, Because i love the flavor that comes off of the tank so much. It has everything i need for the way i like to vape. If you like the clouds, then you may want that higher wattage range. If you’re just getting off cigarettes, than maybe this would be even maybe too much for you, if you’re trying to quit i would start with a mouth-hitter. Of course ou can  move up when you start trying out new and different vape settups

At the end of the day it’s all about trial and error and really trying to figure out the best for your liking, because everyone is different.


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